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Tower, Minnesota 55790
Lake Vermilion - East End
  For Slip Rental, Cold Storage,
 & Private Log Cabin Rent, Sale,
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          Ellen M. Hilla
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   Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

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Front View Ely Island private log cabin for rent, for sale      The Exterior of Ely Island Log Cabin For Rent.
The cabin is constructed of log (hand drawn Swedish cove) and the main floor is 1020 sq. ft. The covered porch in the front keeps you dry even in wet weather. There are two large bedrooms on the first floor. One with a queen sized bed and the other with a king sized bed. The first floor bath is full, with a tub, shower, sink, and best of all, an indoor toilet (this may be an island, but we don't want to rough it that much)! The saw horses and other items are not included with the cabin...the picture was taken about 2002 when the cabin was being completed. There is a gas BBQ grill on the deck and a fire pit in front of the cabin. There is a deep (300 ft) well for good drinking water. There is also a propane fireplace that is used for heat in cool weather. In addition, there is electric base board heat in the front living room and kitchen area. Each bedroom also has electric base board heat with their own thermostats. The sofa in the living room on the first floor is also a hide-a-bed. The cabin is surrounded with large cedar trees. It sits on lot 5 which has 263 Ft. of shoreline. There is 200 Amp electrical service that is underground/underwater. The septic is a new pressurized mound system rated at 450 gallons/day.

   Make Ely Island Log Cabin Rent Checks Payable To:
      Countrywood Ventures North, Inc.

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Kitchen of private log cabin for rent or for sale      The Kitchen of Ely Island Log Cabin For Rent.
The cabin has a large kitchen and ample room for seating at the table. There is a radar range and even hot and cold running water...OK, so it is to be expected! Sorry, there is no dishwasher. During construction, we decided not to allow sheet rock on the property. All of the walls, ceilings, and floors are wood (pine, ash, cedar, birch). The only exception is the bath room which has ceramic tile. Bring your cell phone. My cell phone service is "AT&T" which does work. We have satellite TV with some extra channels. The TV is in the front loft upstairs. The stars are pretty at night. And, if you are really lucky, northern lights can be spectacular too.

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Bathroom of private log cabin for rent or for sale      The Lower Bath of Ely Island Log Cabin For Rent.
The lower bathroom has the tub, shower, sink, and toilet. The upper bathroom has a sink and a toilet. What else can I say!

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Loft of private log cabin for rent or for sale      The Loft of Ely Island Log Cabin For Rent.
The loft has about 650 sq. ft. on the upper floor. There is a cat walk connecting the front, lake side, to the back.The lake side has the trapezoid windows, the back side has a large picture window for observing wildlife. The lake side has a pull out hide-a-bed and ample seating. There are also twin beds in the back and a half bath.

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Island wildlife by private log cabin for rent or for sale      Wildlife By The Ely Island Log Cabin For Rent.
The island wildlife!
Ely Island is large enough to support diverse wildlife. It is almost three miles in length and almost a mile at its widest point. Hiking on the island can be exciting. The property itself has approximately 35 acres. If you decide to go hiking, please use a GPS so that you do not get lost. The island has quite a few deer that live on the island all year. Plenty of birds for you "watchers". We have not seen any bear on the island for at least 15 years. There are nesting eagles perched in trees on the island and pairs of loons spot the perimeter of the island.    Double click picture.
             "Musky Tom", your best fishing guide!
    Musky Tom Wehler is the best da_n (you may insert either an "r" or the "m" here) fishing guide in the whole, make that the whole solar system...on third thought, make that the whole universe (life has not been "proven" out there as of yet)! "Musky Tom" has a cabin on a private island on the Tower (East) end of Lake Vermilion. He has both a high power fishing/guiding boat and a large sized pontoon boat. He does other guiding besides the "monster muskie"...but, make no doubt about it, Muskie's are his passion! He is also funny and good looking...sort of (maybe funny and good should be swapped). And, best of all, a cancer survivor! Drop an e-mail or call him if you want the best guide and a good time.
             Musky Tom Wehler       651-470-9774
                                       Ely Island, Lake Vermilion, Minnesota, Log Cabin Rent Information

For Ely Island Log Cabin Rent Information, Contact:   Ellen M. Hilla     952-890-4834
Make Ely Island Log Cabin Rent Checks Payable To:  Countrywood Ventures North, Inc.
Mail checks to:  Ellen M. Hilla
                        2905 Countrywood Drive
                        Burnsville, Minnesota   55337

Ellen M. Hilla, Owner, Broker, Property Management Specialist

     The rent is $1400.00 for one week. Check in is Saturday at 3:00 PM and check out is the following Saturday at 10:00 AM. This rate is for 4 people. Each extra person is $100.00 per week (whether 1 or 7 days). No pets or smoking in the cabin. The cabin can be rented for a minimum of 3 days at the rate of $225.00 per day. There is also a 25 foot pontoon boat with a 50 HP 4 stroke engine that can be rented by the day or by the week. The daily rent is $130.00 and the weekly rent is $625.00 for the pontoon and motor (you must pay for the gas). The pontoon can only be rented with the cabin. The names of all of the people to be staying at the cabin must be provided. Rates are subject to change.
     Upon booking, at least 1/2 of the rent is due. The following 1/2 rent is due one week prior to the rental period. There is, upon booking, a $500.00 damage deposit required. The payments can be in cash, check. If you have young children, your personal supervision is required for there safety.

Things to bring:
Your cell phone and charger, AT&T seems to work the best.
Warm cloths for (possibly) cool nights, and rain gear (hopefully not needed).
Your own wash and dry towels (the bed sheets will be provided).
Hair soap, hand soap (if you have allergies).
Food (including salt, peppers, sugar, milk, coffee (cream), etc.), and drink.
Popcorn, treats, snacks, treats for the animals.
A good book or two for reading by the lake.
Fishing gear (rods, tackle, and a large net for muskie's, bait too).
A GPS (if you are going to go hiking on the Island, else ribbon to mark the trees), the GPS can also be used for navigating on the lake.
Flashlight, a map of the lake (can be purchased in near by stores, it's 40,000 acres with over 300 islands).
Golf clubs (Fortune Bay Casino and Golf is very close by boat, 800-992-4680 or 218-753-8917).
And, most important, a camera with memory sticks (make sure the batteries are fresh) and charger.
Please, no candles in the cabin; a fire on an island is hard to get under control.

Near By Points Of Interest:
Lake Vermilion:
    It has been rated in the top ten lakes, out of 10,000, in the state of Minnesota. Walley, Northern Pike, Muskie, Bass just to name a few popular     fish. Sight seeing by boat; get "lost" along its 1200 miles of shoreline and among its hundreds of islands. Dining can be a different experience     when you do it by boat. Or, picnic on a small island.
    Take a plane ride over the lake.
    Fishing - Musky Tom Wehler     651-470-9774

Tower, Minnesota 55790 (Lake Vermilion, east end):
    There is an airport in Tower, see the Tower web site.    (Plan Your Visit; Things To Do)

Fortune Bay Resort Casino: (Lake Vermilion, east end):
    Entertainment, eating, golf (the course is rated high nationally), by boat or car.
    Casino 1-800-992-PLAY (7529)
    The Wilderness Golf Course   800-992-4680 or 218-753-8917

Bois Forte Heritage Center: (Lake Vermilion, east end):    218-753-6017

Soudan Underground Mine: (Lake Vermilion, east end):
    This is a Minnesota State Park; it is just a few minutes by car (218-753-2245).
    Google "Soudan mine"

Ely, Minnesota:
    Many, many gift shops and eating (about 25 minutes by car).
    Google "Ely Minnesota";

The Wolf Center; again in Ely, Minnesota:
    Google "wolf center"; (218)365-4695

North American Bear Center (Ely, Minnesota):    218-365-7879

Giants Ridge golf and skiing (Biwabik, Minnesota 55708):

BWCAW (Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness):
    Trout Lake (in the BWCAW) can be accessed from Lake Vermilion (north and east ends). If you decide to go into Trout Lake, you must acquire a     permit from the DNR of Minnesota (877-550-6777).
    MnDNR Forestry, Tower, Minnesota 55790   218-753-2580

Mineview In The Sky:    218-741-2717

Taconite State Trail (Minnesota DNR):    Questions:1-888-MINNDNR

                                             The Standing Bear Marina, Lake Vermilion, Minnesota,  &  Ely Island real estate lots are for sale.
    These two pieces of property, the marina and the Ely Island lots, are for sale. For the asking price of these parcels, call Ellen M. Hilla, Owner and Agent at 952-890-4834. This is a rare find for the corporate retreat or for just that person that wants to have it all. We hesitate to split the property but will consider it.

The Standing Bear Marina Real Estate:
    The marina is located in Tower, Minnesota (55790) . It has about 1700 feet of shoreline along the "East Two River" that flows from the country side into Lake Vermilion. Acres?? This of course is zoned commercial. There are 100 boat slips used for rent income. There are two buildings on the property. One building (xxx ft. by xxx ft. for a total of xxx sq. ft.) is a pole building. Its primary use is for storing boats. The other building is a steel structure that is (xxx ft. by xxx ft. for a total of xxx sq. ft.). It has concrete floors through out. It is separated into 5 main areas. Four of those areas would be used for boat storage, maintenance, repairing. There are two large hoists for lifting large objects such as motors (inboard or outboard), or the entire boat. One of these hoists extends out over the water so that a boat can be lifted out of, or, put into, the water. This could also be used for loading or unloading barges.
    The city of Tower, Minnesota (55790) , is currently in the process of developing a Historic Harbor Renaissance. Money has been secured for this project. The rivers "mouth" will be dredged and lighted pilings will be placed along the river from the lake to the soon to be dredged harbor (this is a historic harbor). There will be a new bridge (part of Highway #169) extending over the "East Two River". Commercial and residential buildings are being planned for along this new corridor. The marina is certainly a major part of this project (for further development). Boat traffic will increase dramatically upon completion of this project. Marine sale items for the marina should a major issue. There is also potential for other sales with this increase in boat traffic. One should also not ignore snowmobile and ice fishing enthusiasts as this project nears completion. The city of Tower, Minnesota (55790)   does have an airport that is about 2 miles from the marina.

The Ely Island Real Estate Property:
    The island property is located on the north and west sides of Ely Island (east end of Lake Vermilion). There are about 35 acres involved. The island property has approximately 3170 feet of shoreline. The property is divided into 13 lots. 12 of those lots are lake shore and there is one back lot (lot 13).
Lot #  Shoreline  Acres   Cabin   Deep Well    Septic
 1         200          2.05      85%      105 Ft.
 2         201          1.68      98%      145 Ft.     450 gal/day
 3         345          0.98
 4         365          2.68
 5         263          2.63     100%      325 Ft.    450 gal/day
 6         214          2.35      65%
 7         218          3.23
 8         225          4.10
 9         206          2.61
10        208          3.70
11        207          2.82
12        519          2.05   Will Consider Separate Sale
13        000          4.19   Back Lot

    The three deep wells were drilled be Kolstad-Olson Drilling of Cook, Minnesota. All three wells have a 5 inch case that is 21 feet in length. Lot 1 well number is 634182; lot 2 well number is 634183; lot 5 well number is 634184.
    There are two points of entry into the property for construction purposes so as not to harm the shoreline. One entry point is on lot 1 (west facing) the other is on lot 5 (north facing). There certainly can be other entry points made into other lots, we, with our construction, only needed the two. There is a back trail large enough for bringing construction items to most of the lots. This back trail can be accessed from lot 1 and lot 5.
    There are 4 electrical transformers with underwater feed. These four transformers can and do provide service to the first six (very possibly seven) lots. The three lots with cabins (1,2,5) have underground feed of 200 amps to each cabin. There is a transformer on the east side of lot 6 for the cabin on that lot. The underground feed has not been brought up to the cabin on lot 6 yet.
    The four cabins have footings that go down about 5 feet so that the frost does not shift the cabins. To this date, we have never had to adjust any cabin for settling purposes.
    There is dual heat in the cabins. There are free standing propane fireplaces in the cabins on lots 1, 2, and 5. There is also baseboard heat in these cabins. The bedrooms have there own separate thermostats. The floors are all 2 x 10 joists and so are the roofs (2 x 10 rafters). Lot 1, 2, 5 cabins all have 8-1/4 inch insulation in the roofs. Lot 5 cabins floor also has 8-1/4 inch insulation which is enclosed.
    The roofs on all 4 cabins are metal. There is a layer of 1/2 inch plywood that the metal roofs are screwed into. This plywood stops any "ping" sound that rain might cause. The metal roofs also give a much longer wear period than asphalt shingles. The metal roofs also prevent "moss" buildup that usually occurs on asphalt shingles. Most importantly, the metal roof acts as a fire shield in the event of a forest fire. All of the cabin roofs are vented on the lower and upper parts of the roof for the entire length (which is almost 50 feet).
    The cabins have withstood 70 MPH straight line winds. In 1999, there was a huge storm that passed through the area. It took down many trees near by and in the BWCAW. The winds were clocked at 70 MPH at the near by airport. The storm was hardly noticeable while sitting inside the cabin, however, observing the trees outside was another story.

Ellen M. Hilla, Owner, Broker, Property Management Specialist
952-890-4834   ehilla@aol,com

                                       Willow River Frontage Hunting and Farming Land For Sale, Aitkin, Minnesota 56469
      This beautiful piece of land is actually three parcels that make up a total of 109 acres. Each parcel butts up against the Willow River; making for excellent building or camping sites, or great for hunting also, as they adjoin state land to the south. There is a mixture of high and low land; but mostly high. These parcels are south of county 18 at 282 street; northeast of Palisade, Minnesota. The seller will consider a contract for deed. List price $158,050 (about $1450 per acre). The Willow River does lead into the Mississippi River.

Property Information:
   County: Aitkin, Minnesota 56469
   Property ID: 47003760037003790047
   MLS Area: 817 - Central Minnesota
   Legal Description: NE NE Lot 1 (37.85 Acres); NE SE Lot 5 (38.70 Acres); SE NE Lot 2 (32.90 Acres) Acreage All In Sec 24-50-23
          (Approximately 109.5 Acres Total)

   School District: 8001 - Aitkin, Minnesota
   Zoning: Agriculture
   Road Frontage: County, Private
   Lot Description: Heavy to Medium Tree Coverage; Butts Up To Willow River, Excellent for hunting and fishing.
   Address: 282nd Place 560th Street, Palisade, Minnesota 56469.
   Directions: 8 miles North of Palisade, Minnesota, on Nature Ave (#5) to 560 Street (#18). Right to 282nd Place, South to Ditch bank road at              the start of the property.

   Ellen M. Hilla, Owner, Broker, Property Management Specialist
   952-890-4834   ehilla@aol,com

   Betty Christian, Realtor, Christian Realty North, Inc.
   Office: 218-426-3614    Cell: 218-820-0170     Fax: 218-426-4651
   For Pictures and More:

                                                Log Beds and Furniture

    We are also making log beds and furniture. These logs beds are made of Cedar. The prices range from $650.00 to $450.00. As an accessory, the log beds can have a sliding lamp holder added at the Head end of the bed. Also as another accessory, the log beds, at the Head end, can have a log book holder mounted to the corner post/s.

                                    Please contact Kenny Folstad, cell 218-248-0278.
                                                Log Beds/Furniture
                                                Motor and Boat Repair

    Ken "Shorty" Folstad is an independent mechanic working at Standing Bear Marina on Lake Vermilion, Tower, Minnesota 55790. His 40+ years of experience can solve any problem. For more, click below.

                                                Motor/Boat Repair
        Free Children and Adult Christmas and Holiday poems for laughter and humor

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 Poem 2.  Santa's Big Helper
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 Poem 5.  Hooves On The Roof, A Sled Behind The Shed, What's A Kid To Think
 Poem 6.  All Ladies Are Sadie's, No Man Can Prance, Let's Dance
 Poem 7.  Country Hopping, Shopping, Questions Big And Small
 Poem 8.  A Wink And A Nod, Or A Shake And A Frown
 Poem 9.  Sleighs, Hay, Gifts For Trade-N-Pay
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 Poem 11.  Elf Power, Girl Power, Man Power, Who Will Win?
 Poem 12.  Will Santa Deliver On Christmas Eve, Or Will It Be A Bust?
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 Poem 16.  Three Gifts, Two Letters, Two Hearts Forever


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